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La peinture des singes

La peinture des singes
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La peinture des singes
Reference : L1013
In French.

Thierry LENAIN Syros Editions - 124 pages - History and Aesthetic problems caused by 'the art of the Monkeys'.
At the end of the 50's, the paintings by the Monkeys started a real infatuation. Chimpanzees, Orang-Utans, Gorillas or the Capuchins have shown surprising talent for drawing, something they adore doing without any exterior gratificaion. The drawings testify an aesthetic talent - that's elementary, but, very characteristic.

Exhibitions of their "creations" are organised : they have attracted the attention of painters such as Roland Penrose, Dali and Picasso.

Since this handiwork by Thierry LENAIN about the paintings by the Monkeys, and in particular, the paintings by Chimpanzees because the examples presented in the book, are all done by the Chimps currently present in the African Reserve of Sigean; to this day, there is no better work that can be used to analyse the paintings by primates. These paintings teach us a lot about the needs of man to leave a visible trace through art.
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